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Hello and wellcome

I'm Katja Žerovnik - a children's book author, illustrator and also a publisher within my own publishing house Emily June Novels.

Emily June is my pseudonym that I'm using for publishing beyond our small, yet beloved and inspireful country - Slovenia.

It all started with a bedtime storytelling for two little "ladybugs" and after some years it became the whole series of books for children, now officially called Juno&Emma. 

The first book "Emma Wishes for a Puppy" was already published in Slovenia and was quite a success at Slovenian book fair that took place in november 2022 in Ljubljana, where I had my first stand.

And that's where a dream became the reality, from which a desire "to spread my wings across the world" was born.

And thanks to Mr. Walt Disney we all know, that if we can dream it, we can as well do it...

In front of you is an online dummy book, for how the books or book covers could look in English (or any other language), since that was the first foreign language the book Emma wishes for a Puppy was officially translated into, by incredibly talented Mark Vajd.

You can discover some of my art or other projects through this web page or social media as well:

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Licence trade

As I am the author, an illustrator and a publisher all in one person, I'm the sole owner of all the rights, therefore the negotiation and sell might be much easier and faster for an interested literary agent or a  foreign publishing house.

I offer to sell the rights to publish my first book, as well as the others that are already written, but not yet translated to English or published in Slovenia (the next book is planned to be published in the fall of 2023, since the editing and illustrations are yet to be done).

If you are interested to meet at Bologna Children's book fair 2023 or to cooperate in any kind of book project, please, don't hesitate to contact me:


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+386 41 250 923

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